5 Vintage Styling Tips To Help You Stand Out!

Vintage Fashion Tips with Retro Candy Clothing

1. Colors Colors Colors!

I am a huge fan of the 80's and 90's color palette so I often find myself adding that pop of teal, pink, green or yellow to give my outfit some extra pizzazz. Colors have the ability to tap into emotions, so take advantage and use that as a tool to express yourself. Feeling spunky? Go bright pink. Feeling powerful? Red is your color. Having an off day? You can never go wrong with black. You see where I'm going here.

2. Cop it, Crop it & Rock it! 

I always find some rad stuff that either ends up being too big, has a hole in it or a small stain I can honestly live without. Anyone else in the same boat? No worries, this is your opportunity to get creative. Grab a pair of scissors, or visit your local dry cleaners and watch these issues resolve themselves. Find your desired length and cut the oversized shirt into a cute crop top! If there is a hole or stain on the shirt, hopefully it is towards the bottom so you can act like it was never there to begin with. Otherwise, oversized crops have made a huge statement in the thrifted fashion culture recently as they are also very trendy, breathable and comfy! 

3. Oversized and Still Slayin'

As I mentioned in tip number two, sometimes I find stuff that I love but it's triple my size! I decided to tap into my love for R&B group, TLC, and use that as influence for my current style. When they first hit the scene in the early 90's, these three ultra talented women made a huge impact on the female R&B image. They took the culture by storm in their bright colors, oversized outfits, dancing, rhyming and singing, quickly becoming the biggest female R&B group ever! They owned their unique style and are a major influence on why I decided to start thrifting and taking risks when it comes to style in the first place.

If you pay attention though, oversized has made a come back so don't be afraid to experiment. Apply steps one through three and throw on TLC's first album "Oooooh on the TLC tip" and I guarantee that you will be ready to slay! 

4. Simple but Rare

I know I said I love the vibrant colors and the baggy outfits but sometimes less is more. You can cultivate your own unique style with just an old tee you find and build around it. 

I have some dope rare pieces in my closet that I found either digging in goodwill bins or shopping online. Artist tees and cartoons that I loved from back in the day are always a must have when I find them, so I make them the center of attention in my wardrobe. A simple tee with a pair of jeans, matching skirt, dope kicks and accessories can say a lot. But even just an extraordinary tee and jeans will help you make a statement. 

Hunt for something rare and keep it simple. Shirts I've worn have started many conversations and lead to meeting some amazing people that share the love of thrifting. Even people that don't thrift but are fans of the artist, movie or cartoon on my shirt will stop me in the store just to give a compliment. A simple outfit could make a huge statement or spark that sweet nostalgic felling in someone that is passing you by.


5. Be Yourself, Be Brave and Have Fun!

Everything I listed above are tips I've used to help create my one-of-a-kind wardrobe. Feel free to use them and help cultivate your own style or experiment with what works for you. Keyword: Experiment! Don't be afraid to take risks, make bold choices and statements with your finds. Not everything is for everybody so just be yourself and I promise that you will have some fun curating ideas and styles while thrifting. All of the biggest influencers in fashion had to make that leap and just try out new ideas that eventually left an impact. 

There you have it guys! Hope you enjoyed my vintage styling tips and learned something that will inspired you on your next thrift haul. If you love what you see be sure to shop our looks HERE!

Much Love

xo RC 

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