How to Style Vintage Windbreakers in 2020

How to Style Vintage Windbreakers in 2020

Whoever said you can only wear windbreakers in the winter LIED to you! Call me biased, but depending on where you live, it is indeed acceptable to wear them every single day. I like to think of them as unique, one-of-a-kind canvases you can wear on any occasion, in any weather condition. Agree to disagree but let's be honest - they can make quite the fashion statement.

Since spring is around the corner we had some fun pairing outfits and shooting some of our recent thrift store finds - windbreakers of course being the main attraction. If there is one thing you will be able to tell about us is that we love bold retro colors and designs that take you right back to 1989.


Vintage 80's Helen Klein Lavon by cheerful corp Retro Confetti Windbreaker Jacket |Retro Candy Vintage Clothing

For the first look we went completely 80's from head to toe and kept it oversized and comfy. On top we have a vintage 80's Helen Klein Lavon by Cheerful Corp retro confetti-like windbreaker, paired with an 80's Zoo Crew crop top and 80's Chic Schooners high waisted acid wash jeans. Without the windbreaker this outfit may just appear to be a simple crop and jean combo, but with it there is added personality and vibrance that would brighten up any room.

Shop - Vintage 80's Helen Klein Lavon Windbreaker Jacket ($30)

For the second look we have an 80's EVR Div of Rousso Apparel Group, Inc. Windbreaker over a 1990 Billy Joel Stormfront concert t-shirt, paired with 90's Lee black acid wash jeans. We decided to add the hat and belt last minute to spruce up the look and create more of a vintage aesthetic. This outfit definitely gives off an edgier vibe but hopefully you notice that the windbreaker turns a potential black on black Jean & T-shirt combo into a colorful "ready to party" look.

Shop80's EVR DIV of Rousso Windbreaker Jacket ($35)

For the third look we of course had to go full windbreaker suit set! On top we have a 90's Aegis Sport windbreaker over a 90's Ocean Pacific crop top, paired with 90's White Stag windbreaker pants. We found the jacket and pants during two separate thrift hauls but couldn't resist the perfect match. This laid back vibe wouldn't be complete without the Retro Candy beanie, round vintage sunglasses, and hightop Reeboks. 

 Shop - Aegis Sport Windbreaker Jacket ($28)

For the fourth and final look we got super creative with the lights and color gels to create this totally retro shot! On top we have an 80's Casual Isle Windbreaker over a custom Retro Candy crop top, paired with 90's Levis Jeans and Aloud Shop fanny pack. To complete the look I had to bring in the pigtails, bubble gum, and 80's dead stock earrings. Do you think we nailed it or what?

There you have it - Four different windbreakers and ways to style your vintage look all year long! We are always hunting and finding new pieces so be sure to check back in frequently for more retro-inspired outfits and ideas. If you'd like to shop our looks please click below and feel free to leave a comment or say hello!



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